Our Partners
The Pandemic Action Network will serve as a hub for coordinated global policy and advocacy efforts and expert global communications efforts to halt future pandemics, as well as fight COVID-19. 

Our partners include representatives from international institutions, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), philanthropies and the private sector.

Read our Conflict of Interest Policy to learn more about how we work with partners.

Network Members

Join us. Together, we can end this devastating pandemic and stop the next one.


Be a leader 

Our Network is the place for leaders from international institutions, civil society organizations, philanthropies and the private sector to join together on coordinated messaging and action for pandemic preparedness and response.

Amplify the call

Help amplify our calls for smart policies and funding that will break the cycle of panic and neglect and support planning that will help stop future infectious disease outbreaks from becoming deadly pandemics.

Change behavior

Engage in our behavior change campaigns—region by region, country by country, community by community—that help move the needle on government efforts and galvanize collective action to stop the spread of COVID-19.