Conflict of Interest

Pandemic Action Network – the organizational members, staff members, and members of the Advisory Committee – are working to ensure a rapid end to the COVID-19 pandemic and long-term investment in pandemic preparedness. This work is focused on delivering a truly global response that delivers for everyone, especially the most vulnerable for both the immediate response and longer term prevention and preparedness.

Pandemic Action Network is a broad network of partners ranging from the private sector to civil society, to philanthropy to the media. It is our goal to use the Network to build bridges between many of these organizations in pursuit of our goals, and to build bridges internationally to support a truly equitable approach to ending the COVID-19 crisis and ensuring long term pandemic preparedness.

We work with and receive funding from partners aligned with the Network’s goals.

Our policy, advocacy, and campaign work is developed independently at Pandemic Action Network, though we aim to be as collaborative as possible in our work and get the input and advice of Pandemic Action Network partners, individual experts, and our Advisory Committee. The Pandemic Action team takes full responsibility for the policies they advocate for and the processes they facilitate.

All activities undertaken are in the pursuit of the above stated goals, and are not driven by a single organization, individual, company, funder, or product.