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Pandemic Action Network’s support for WHO statement

Pandemic Action Network believes that the world needs a strong World Health Organization both to stop this pandemic and to help ensure every country are better prepared to manage future pandemic threats.  No country is safe from pandemics until every country is safe. 

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A Down Payment on the Future

May 05, 2020 By Eloise Todd, Co-Founder of Pandemic Action Network A Down Payment on the Future The impressive 4 May online pledging conference organised by the European Union had two clear goals: first, to show global solidarity and cooperation against the backdrop of a

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Guaranteeing Equitable Access: Considerations During Vaccine Development Impacting Global Access

As world leaders come together to strategize how best to inoculate, test, and treat COVID-19 across the world, they must prioritize equity in their agendas to end this pandemic as swiftly as possible. The Pandemic Action Network crafted a briefing with key considerations for decision-makers to ensure vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics reach those who need it most, when they need it most.

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It’s Time for Africa Mask Week

The Pandemic Action Network, together with Africa CDC, the Office of the AU Youth Envoy, Resolve to Save Lives, and 55+ partner organizations are launching Africa Mask Week from November 23-30 to accelerate and sustain mask-wearing to help stop the spread of COVID-19 on the continent.

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