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Statement on the Introduction of New U.S. Senate Legislation on International Pandemic Preparedness and COVID-19 Response

Pandemic Action Network welcomes the bipartisan introduction of the International Pandemic Preparedness and COVID-19 Response Act of 2021 (S. 2297) in the U.S. Senate. This bill represents a critical coming together across party lines to step up U.S. global leadership both on the global COVID-19 response and on preparedness to create a world that is better equipped to detect, prevent, and respond to emerging pandemic threats.

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G7 Warm Words, Barely Any Action

Lots of Warm Words, Barely No Action — Is the G7 Still Relevant?

The G7 communiqué contains a lot of warm words and a commitment to both “strengthen global action now to fight COVID-19, and to take further tangible steps to improve our collective defenses against future threats and to bolster global health and health security”, but very little action to turn these statements into reality.

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U.S. Global Health Experts Urge G7 Action to Vaccinate the World Quickly and Equitably

A coalition of global health experts today called on G7 leaders to share at least 1 billion, and aim for 2 billion, vaccine doses to low- and middle-income countries by the end of this year, and more urgently help countries distribute and deliver vaccines quickly and equitably across their populations, striving to achieve at least 60%, and ideally 70%, vaccination coverage in every country in 2022.

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June 7 - Blog Post G7 Finance Ministers

It’s G7 Week — Will It Deliver The Global Covid-19 Plan We Desperately Need?

At the G7 Leaders’ Summit, leaders face two choices: they can either decide to take the fight against COVID-19 to another level and agree on a comprehensive global plan to end the pandemic everywhere for everyone or choose to continue with the piecemeal approach that has characterized the global response until now, thus prolonging this crisis for those who are most vulnerable. 

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Call-to-action: Global Roadmap to Vaccinate the World

We are calling on leaders to agree to a Global Roadmap to Vaccinate the World to achieve global herd immunity as soon as possible. The Roadmap should set out a comprehensive, coordinated strategy; increase and improve the global supply of all COVID-19 tools, and full cost the response in a burden-sharing model.

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World Leaders: It Is Time for New Global Funding to Keep the World Safer from Pandemics

The High-Level Independent Panel on Financing the Global Commons for Pandemic Preparedness and Response delivered a stark warning in its report to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting: the clock is ticking to ramp up investments in international preparedness. We must create a Global Health Threats Fund to bolster the world’s capacity to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to pandemics.

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Calling on the European Union to Fund the Global Fight Against COVID-19

Significantly more funding is needed to accelerate the end of the COVID-19 pandemic for everyone. With the European Commission (EC) currenting negotiating its budget for 2022, Pandemic Action Network is joining other civil society organizations to call on the EC to contribute its fair share of another €1.2B for ACT-A in 2021 and more in 2022 to fully fund any future roadmaps to vaccinate the world.

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Wearing A Mask Still Matters: The World Rallies to Continue Masking to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Pandemic Action Network, Africa CDC, the African Union, 3M and over 50 global, regional, and local partner organizations announced today the launch of World Mask Week 2021 (July 12-18) — a global campaign underlining a universal truth: masking in public, in combination with handwashing and physical distancing, is still one of the best ways we can protect ourselves and others against COVID-19, especially our most vulnerable community members as countries race to vaccinate their populations.

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Why Masking Still Matters

Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, as COVID-19 variants spread and the pandemic persists around the world, there are a lot of questions about masking. When do I need to wear a mask? Where do I need to wear a mask? Is masking still needed if I’m vaccinated? In short, to protect those who are most vulnerable and to end this pandemic for everyone, masking still matters — now more than ever.

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