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House of Representatives

Pandemic Action Network Applauds Bipartisan Support for Global Health Security Legislation in U.S. House of Representatives

Pandemic Action Network warmly welcomes the bipartisan advancement of the Global Health Security Act of 2021, an important step forward to accelerate and deepen U.S. global leadership in pandemic preparedness and response, and draws on lessons learned from COVID-19 to strengthen and invest in global efforts to detect, prevent, and respond to emerging pandemic threats that will keep America and the world healthier, safer, and more secure.

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Illustrated Earth

Our Pandemic Anniversary Wish: Let’s Pandemic-Proof the Planet

One year ago, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization finally told the world what was already clear: that with 118,000 cases in over 110 countries and territories around the world, COVID-19 could be “characterized as a pandemic.” It’s been a year of both horrible and amazing developments. Yet crisis can be a great revealer, and this one has also exposed and preyed upon deep and longstanding global inequities, vulnerabilities, and broken systems.

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World Flags

Calling on Wealthy Countries to Reallocate Excess Vaccine Doses

As more and more people in high-income countries become vaccinated against COVID-19, the inequitable allocation of approved vaccines across the globe is coming into stark relief. Wealthy nations have secured multiple times the amount of vaccine needed to protect their population, while low- and middle-income countries still need to get to the 20% of the population coverage offered by the COVAX Facility.

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May 17 - India Blog Image

Two Ways to Take Action for India Now

As high-income countries, such as the U.S., have accelerated vaccination and have preemptively eased masking guidance, the pandemic rages around the world. Most notably, India is in the grips of a terrible and all-too-real nightmare with the highest daily number of COVID-19 cases and deaths of any country. Here are two ways to take action for India now.

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Pandemic Action Network Statement on the Report of the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Make it the Last Pandemic

Pandemic Action Network welcomes the long-awaited final report from the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, which provide a starting point both to accelerate the end of this crisis and build a better prepared world. The Network looks forward to ensuring this report doesn’t just sit on the shelf and working to engage and urge leaders to end this pandemic while pandemic-proofing our future.

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Call-to-action to African Leaders: Scale Up COVID-19 Testing Now

As the world looks back on one full year of living in the COVID-19 pandemic, the response is still far from over. With only 41 million tests conducted in Africa since the start of the pandemic, and 28,030 tests conducted per million people there is an urgent need for African Union (AU) member states to scale-up testing.

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