#WorldMaskWeek 2021 was a movement to encourage sustained mask-wearing to help bring us closer to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As variants spread and countries continue to grapple with the ongoing pandemic, we must stay focused on what keeps us safe. During World Mask Week, we asked people to join the #WorldMaskWeek movement on social media by sharing a photo of themselves in their favorite mask and tagging someone to say #ThanksforMasking. People, leaders, and organizations from 171 countries across the globe showed their leadership by masking up, sharing with their networks, and encouraging their peers and communities to help us all stay safe and bring this pandemic to an end. To read more about the results of World Mask Week 2021, click here

Why Masking Still Matters Policy Brief

As COVID-19 variants spread and the pandemic persists around the world, there are a lot of questions about masking. Read our new policy brief which sets out why wearing a mask is still critical to stop COVID-19 and learn what governments, citizens and businesses can continue to do to promote widespread mask usage as an evidence-based intervention.

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